The aging landscape in North America is changing. Older adults are living longer than ever and the booming number of aging adults means that there is a growing need for developing and improving upon long term care options. While in the past, the standard approach has been for seniors to move to assisted living facilities when they can no longer safely live at home without assistance, often struggling to find meaningful social activities to keep them active and engaged, things are changing for the better. The “Aging in Place” movement calls for greater attention to providing aging adults with a framework, including care options, social and fellowship opportunities and aging-friendly home modifications, to ensure that they can age comfortably and safely in their own homes. In effect, the movement strives to create a community that helps aging adults thrive with a sense of community and support by offering services such as vetted vendors who have made a commitment to provide excellence in service to older adults and social activities to ensure that aging adults, especially those who are living alone, do not become isolated.
Our mission is to change the way the word ages, and supporting the aging in place movement is one of the many ways we aim to do this. Our renowned book on healthy longevity, Happy to 102, is celebrated by proponents of the aging in place movement for its emphasis on helping aging adults not only live longer, but live better longer.  This is a useful guide for anyone wanting to learn more about the lifestyle factors that promote increased quality of life in older age.

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